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[microsound] Incidental Amplifications: Call for Works

Curated By Lloyd Barrett // Lawrence English

For most of us, our every moment (awake and
unconscious) is enveloped by sound. From the obnoxious
alarm tone that raises us from slumber to the
microscopic sounds of natural nocturnal transmissions;
there is always sound.

As a society we have increasingly sought to augment
and indeed control  
the environments around us. All manner of tools have
been utilised in
this ongoing war against the unfamiliar, the
unexpected and the ?undesirable?. Along with a variety
of visuals cues, sound is progressively used to colour
our surroundings with aural hues.

The Twentieth Century brought with it an unparalleled
use of artificial sound in the form of George Squier?s
Muzak ? a creation designed to enhance (and perhaps
determine) amongst other things our ?shopping?
experience. For decades, no mall or place of
substantial commerce was complete without the dulcet
tones of Muzak. To many it would seem that there is a
world of difference between the 
bleating high frequency sounds of an Indian
marketplace and multiple
channels of mid-tempo instrumental music filling our
shopping malls; however the ability for sound to draw
and focus our attention is universal and well

But what of the remaining sounds? The incidental
sounds that Muzak 
tries (and often fails) to mask: a dropped plate in
the kitchen; a
leaky tap; the creaking sounds of heated aluminium
roofing and the ever-present air conditioner.

Incidental Amplifications reclaims the consumer
soundscape by dispersing pieces made from incidental
sounds into a variety of public
spaces including the Fortitude Valley and Chinatown
mall multi-speaker sound-systems in Brisbane,

Selected submissions will be sequenced and dispersed
late nights
as part of Liquid Architecture 6, Valley Fiesta and
the Queensland 
Music Festival 2005.

Artists from Queensland, Australia and the rest of the
world are 
invited to contribute an audio work that addresses the
ideas of
reclaiming and utilising these subsidiary soundtracks
to our everyday shopping/urban/rural experiences.

The pieces selected for the exhibition can be of
variable length. 
Guidelines for submission are as follows:
1) Submitted pieces must address incidental sounds
either directly 
(field recordings etc) or indirectly (reconfigured
sound or synthesised incidentals);
2) All pieces must be suitable for use in a public
space with a general audience; 
3) All submission should be sent as a data and audio
4) Submissions are due by Monday 23rd May 2005.
Please send all submissions to ROOM40 C/O:
This project is supported by Liquid Architecture,
Queensland Music 
Festival, Valley Fiesta, Room40 and Small Black Box.

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