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Re: [microsound] image to sound conversion software

under the radar hat gesagt: // under the radar wrote:

> I'm looking for something that will convert a standard digital image file 
> (.jpe, .gif, etc) into an audio file. Does anyone know of any tools that 
> can be used for that?

Juergen Reuter presented his SoundPaint program this weekend at the
Linux Audio Conference: 

    Jürgen Reuter
    SoundPaint - Painting Music

    We present a paradigm for synthesizing electronic music by
    graphical composing. The problem of mapping colors to sounds is
    studied in detail from a mathematical as well as a pragmatic point
    of view. We show how to map colors to sounds in a user-definable,
    topology preserving manner. We demonstrate the usefulness of our
    approach on our prototype implementation of a graphical composing
Slides and Paper of his talk are online, an Ogg recording was promised
to follow later: 

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