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Re: [microsound] flash tracker - binaural mic


Joakim LindÃn wrote:
> If they use the Panasonic elements you could easily assemble a very good
> sounding pair for about $10-15 each yourself.

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Doran Massey"
>> Has anyone tried Core-sound's binaural mics? If so, how was the quality?
>> http://www.core-sound.com/mics.html

I have also been using Panasonic mic capsules from Digikey. I think the intended purpose of them is for mobile phones. I can't say that the sound quality is on a par with the Core Sound capsules (the high-end ones use a DPA 4060/4061 capsule which you can buy for about EUR 300 per capsule), but it's OK. I think the preamp of a minidisc recorder will add a substantial amount of noise to any cheap capsule you put into it, and I was told by Core-Sound that "plug-in power" is quite a bit noisier than Phantom Power (which is what the Core Sound mics use, but which eats batteries quickly in the field!).

I use my home-brew setup for ear-mount binaural recording, but I have never been able to record as quiet as I want with them. Veteren field-recordist David Dunn (who uses tons of homemade contact mikes and ultrasound transducers) insists that 90% of noise problems come from impedence mismatching, so there is something to be said for carefully selecting and assembling your equipment, no matter how expensive or inexpensive the components.


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