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[microsound] Re: two very important questions

- How do musical recordings function as markers of power and codes for
regimenting behavior?

I think the larger impact of music is in its meta-influence.  Does
musical content inherantly create a sub-culture?  Do particular
sequences of tones, melodies, and percussive elements create a
lifestyle; gangsta hiphop, intelligent dance music, laid back house,
emo.  Yes and no.  I think music serves as cultural signifiers for
musicians and non-musicians alike.  I believe people interpret music in
a few fundamental ways; emotionally, intellectually, physically, and
intuitively (hardly a new concept), and that microsound sits somewhere
between intellectual and intuitive.  Regimented behavior is usually
seen as both the markers of a successful sub-genre (people becoming
interested in, and adopting the mannerisms of the music or the
performers), as well as it's subsequent death due to over proliferation
(over saturation, radio play, 'they-were-much-better-in-92').  It's a
funny contridiction.

- Can we sample/alter those recordings to create alternative musical
narratives and different codes?

I think this happens all the time, but what I see & hear is a watering
down of the original music, as well as the new musics intent.  In my
opinion, if musical culture is continually referencing on itself, the
potential for innovation decreases.  Things become stale and
self-reflexive (much of electronic music is guilty of this these days,
case-in-point: mainstream hiphop, 90% of idm today).  But I don't want
to get into discussing whether there's 'new' music or not.  I read a
recent interview with Black Dog who said that his interest in anarchy
and alternative politics has taken on an extremely subjective nature,
where it's become solely about what he buys, consumes etc.  I think
music can serve as 'software' for human-beings, abstract meta-data, and
that listening to abstract music leads to a more subjective life.  The
mathematical or emotional implications of music can definately transmit
life changing information (ie, coil, t.gristle, plunderphonics, early
techno, celine dion, michael bolton...).  Maybe if the intent of a
musician is clear upon the start of a project (whether it be
mathematical or aesthetic & regardless of production methods), then the
results can intuitively encapsulate the artists original idea clearly
and concisely.  Music is a very efficient human-to-human &
human-to-computer interface.

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