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Re: [microsound] maths science and electronic music

On Apr 12, 2005, at 3:52 PM, morgan quaintance wrote:
Someone referenced Xenakis, saying that they could not appreciate his music without visualising the mathematical prcesses behind it.

well, i love xenakis' works, both electroacoustic and symphonic, and could care less about the math behind them. i still vividly recall seeing xenakis present BOHOR at indiana university (where he was composer-in-residence) back in 1971. a riveting performance, which consisted of xenakis walking out onto a bare stage to a multitrack tape machine, threading it, hitting play, and then sitting down on a folding metal chair. crossed his legs and occasionally beat time with his foot. (listen to BOHOR and you'll get the joke.) the sound, coming from a multitude of speakers arrayed around the hall, was amazing.

boy, sometimes i wish people would just stop thinking
so much...

bruce tovsky www.skeletonhome.com

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