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Re: [microsound] MUTE article on PD + free software

On 7 Apr 2005, at 15:37, derek holzer wrote:
I must be recommending Reason! No... wait, I know.... Fruity Loops!!!

It seems quite fashionable to make fun of Reason. Except there's a lot of packages (including open source projects) that try and copy it, so I assume their approach isn't entirely without merit.

I don't think any Supercollider advocates have said anything on this thread yet, but if you're scared off by Pd's clumsy interface, have a look at:


Mailing list archive:


The list has a lot of good patches posted to it, so if you fancy having a muck about to get started have a root around there. It's an especially good starting point if you wish to create generative audio, because so many of the examples in the help files are essentially little generative patches.

I use both Pd and Supercollider in perfect harmony, and I even use Reason sometimes (take THAT Derek ;). Oh, and Logic, and Numerology (http://www.five12.com/). I bought them all (I don't really agree with using cracked software, being a software developer professionally, stop trashing my industry folks!).

I highly recommend Supercollider, although ultimately, your imagination is a more important asset than what software/instruments you use.

Have fun,


homepage: http://alexyoung.org
music: http://noise.me.uk

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