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[microsound] :+:announcement:+: mp3 released on;(do) and t-shirt design


mp3 release - Ian Epps -  ..+.+ spokenslightlysoft - on;(do)   

I have new release from on;(do) here!
I'm proud to announce New York Artist;

Ian Epps /  ..+.+ spokenslightlysoft

He is one of favorite artists in world.

Thank you.
koutaro fukui

Ian Epps is a Sonic/Visual Artist, customizing his life and
belongings, in Brooklyn, NY.

Ian Epps is interested in treating sound as units, much like
building blocks. These blocks become pieces of information that
synthesize space. Each block has a voice and sings, but together
sounds out the warmth and infinitely complex nature of a composed

"Ian Epps has pointed the way down numerous witty and provocative
pathways using thickly layered organizations of sound."(THE WIRE)

He has played performances alongside and in collaboration with Rafael Toral,
Ogurusu Norihide, Takeshi Mitsuhashi, Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer,
Mountains, Richard Devine, Dave Gross and Liz Tonne, Richard Zvonar,
Dan Walsh, Joe McPhee, Andrew Deutsch, and Pauline Oliveros.

1977 Born in Lakenheath, UK
1999 Alfred University, BFA
since 2002 resident in Brooklyn, NY, USA

selected discography

2004 mp3 "standingpresence", audio pieces created for Addenda, Seasonalbk.net, USA
2003 CD "Ian Epps finds... the4yearoldchild -  courtside: volume I, SoftL music, Germany
2001 CD "Audiophone" (86 micro tracks) Dead CEO, USA
2001 Project "tennis|match" (collaborative audio network game)
2003 CD "Pinwheels" (Rmxs), Institute for Electronic Arts, USA 


+ ltd. ed. t-shirt

seasonal presents
2 new t shirts * designs by ian epps and gill arno / mpld
shirts printed in brooklyn at ruben noise by the artists and b owen. 3 shirt color's to choose from, 2 sizes, L/XL on request. 
for the full info and pictures 

seasonal shop 
you can find the shirts listed, along with a wonderful cd by the beige channel. 

thanks ! to everyone that came out to the last seasonal performance on march 05. 
lets hope for better luck next time. 
b owen
thanks and best,


i a n   e p p s
i a n @ i a n e p p s. com
i a n e p p s . c o m