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[microsound] closed captioned

question it is unclear if you only want to share mp3s of your music
if that is still ok on the main microsound????????????
what about 'discussion list' is hard to understand?
if you want to announce new pieces without discussion then post it to the announce list - if you want to discuss certain aspects of a piece and want to use it as a 'listening example' then post it here...

easy! no?

and as i have posted before i really don't  like this idea
of separating things like this but oh well.]
here try this:
- in your email client make a new folder in your inbox and title it - oh, something like 'microsound'
- open your 'rules' panel in said email client and make a new rule called 'microsound-list' that routes all email with the sender address
to the folder in your inbox titled 'microsound'
- add another separate rule to the 'microsound-list' rule that takes microsound regular emails with the header
<microsound-digest-help@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> (if you get the list in digest form)
ands also routes it to the folder in your inbox called 'microsound'

now both lists are deposited into the same folder called 'microsound' in your inbox and you can pretend they are all the same list! ;)

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