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[microsound] Using PD for microsound (newbie)

Hello everyone,

I am a PD newbie, and very interested in making tools with which to
create microsound.  Though I am subscribed to the PD list, I must admit
I have little idea what most of the posts even mean at this point!  

I have managed to create some basic patches that do a few things, and
of course I'm slowly working through tutorials.  What I'm wondering is,
conceptually, what kinds of patches have people designed using PD?  I'd
like to hear plain English descriptions of the kinds of patches people
are building - specifically to create "microsound" type work, because I
still haven't wrapped my mind around how all these little components
will add up to an exciting performance environment.  I know it's
possible but I'm not entirely sure how to get from where I am to an
interface that is more than a toy.


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