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Re: [microsound] VSC3

rnlx wrote:
Hi Mark,
the company (or the copyrights and schedules) was sold to a german guy called Ludwig Rehberg,
he still produces the synths in an awesome quality!
You can check his website at http://www.emsrehberg.de

Thats not complete correct. EMS is run in UK by Robin Wood since a couple of years but he is slow at responding and waiting lists are high, more than a year from what I heard on the Analogue Heaven List. Rehberg run the german branch since decades and also is still in business. I don't know if they got some stuff in stock but maybe they act faster.

Be careful with modifications, while some are good, providing additional features like sync, others are evil. There is a mod those name I forgot, stabilizing oscillators or the patch matrix or so, which take the wiredness of the ems out of it and turns it more into a normal synth. The key feature why we all would like to have one (and Wendy Carlos hates them) is that these machines tends to drift and the matrix got some crosstalks so it seems to be alive and raging. You can switch it on and leave it twirping for days without repeatition.


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