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[microsound] re: niblock

> If you want to experience Niblock's work as he presents it, then you 
> can't do better than getting the DVD 'The Movement of People Working" 
> (Extreme Records)
> http://www.forcedexposure.com/artists/niblock.phill.html
> Phill always presents his music with film/video, usually of people 
> engaged in repetetive manual labour.. so if you get the DVD project it 
> on a wall and play the music as loudly as possible, then that's as 
> close as you can get to the authentic Niblock experience.

i'll second this and also recommend to catch one of his live shows, they are among the best live music expieriences i've ever had.

as for his releases, you can get whatever you'll see. among my favourites is 'four full flutes' on his own XI label. also 'touch works' on touch is outstanding. 
heres a review i wrote for 'touch food' -

 - stephan

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