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Re: [microsound] new autechre

I like the new AE, reminds me of their show at DEMF in 2001.  Sounds
like modern body-rocking electro to me, which is the one of only things
they say they try to emulate.  Personally, I don't find their music
that intellectual, but it's always clever and interesting.

SND has two lps out, and member Mark Fell has a couple of weird
releases out.  I'm partial to _secular musics of south yorkshire -
reproduction_   which is hashed together from samples of human league's
'reproduction'.  source material aside, it sounds a bit like a cross
between ryoji ikeda and john oswald.

i've got to finish my finals for school this week, but let's do a
microsound mashup project.  ill propose it in a few days.


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