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Re: [microsound]Sense of irony (does it exist on microsound?)

>Recently I made a rather admittedly inproper comment on a person's
>enthusiastic endorsement of a logig plug-in. 
why did you make the comment in the first place?
>The most striking result
>of my ironically intended comment was, that people regarded it as being
>a personal attack on the message's instigator. This was certainly not
>the case, because I don't know the person, so every person attack placed,
>rather futile... But the most striking point is that people are not capable
>of taking each message on its own merits, but rather like to fit it into
>their own set of preconceptions. If this is hte case, I think this is
>bad for the microsound-list. I thought its members are wiser and erudite,
>considering its wide global (planetary almost galactic) membership)...
>But perhaps I'm wrong...

irony is a dsp-effect

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