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Re: [microsound] New Orleans?

on 9/1/05 8:20 PM, discos invisibles at nacho@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hummmm, we could also have different labels release it at the same time as a
> collective efort, That way we take advantage of everyones connections and
> public.
> For instance I can duplicate cd-rs at home do my own printing etc and other
> people can do the same at their home towns and distribute them there, we
> would only have to agree in the cover design and send it to everuone
> involved. And we can deposit the funds we get directly into whatever
> accounts have been set up for helping.
> Just an idea.
> N.
It would be ideal if a more established label with good distribution would
be able to spearhead a project like this but your idea of different labels
doing it and then sending whatever proceeds they make to a relief fund is a
very good one. I'd be able to get 50 to 100 copies duped and printed.


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