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[microsound] New Orleans?

Hello all,

We've done projects for the terror attacks in Madrid. There was talk of
doing a project for the London bus/subway bombings which I guess fell
through the cracks. Also some talk about the Tsunami. How come no one has
proposed a project for the people of New Orleans. I know there was some talk
about how the projects don't actually help the situation. Does a statue with
the names of the victims of the holocaust or the 9/11 terror attacks help?
Yes, It is a memorial. Perhaps we can do a project that will help raise
money for the victims? Maybe someone can release it as a cd and send the
proceeds to a relief find. This is what I did with my compilation "Usa/Usb".
Even though I only raised 200.00 which went to a relief fund it still helps
even if only in a small way. So what do you say people?


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