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[microsound] microsound sale

I have been clearing out my cds and think that some of you might be  
interested in these.
Everything is in excellent shape.
Prices are without shipping. I live in Denmark. I accept paypal.
Please mail me off list.


Thomas Ankersmit - Alto Saxophone. 3”cdr. $8

Terre Thaemlitz - G.R.R.L. cd. comatose. $7

Terre Thaemlitz/jane dowe - Institutional Collaborative. cd. Mille  
Plateux. $7

V/A - Blue Cubism. cd. digital narcis.. $9

Kim Cascone - Dust Theories. cd. Cycling 74. $8

Kim Cascone - Cathode Flower. cd. mille plateaux. $7

Kim Cascone - Residualism. cd. mille plateaux. $7

Kim Cascone - Blue Cube. cd. Raster noton. $10. Jewelcase has a small  

Kim Cascone - Parasites. mini cd. $7

Kim Cascone - Black Cube. mini cd. $7

Kim Cascone - Anti-Correlation. mini cd. $7

Kim Cascone - Dust Theories 2. mini cd. $7

Terre Thaemlitz - Means From An End. cd. Mille Plateux. $7

Terre Thaemlitz/ - Interstices. cd. Mille Plateux. $7

Terre Thaemlitz - Love For sale. cd. Mille Plateux. $7

Terre Thaemlitz - Fagjazz. 2cd. Comatose. $14. Minor creases to  
corners of the cardboard.

Terre Thaemlitz - Oh, no! It’s Rubato. cd. Mille Plateux. $12

Terre Thaemlitz - Replicas Rubato. cd. Mille Plateux. $12

Laszlo Dubrovay - Symphonia... cd. staalplaat. $3

Alvin Lucier - 40 rooms. cd-rom for mac os9. $2

Hans G. Leonhardt - Psycho Images . cd. $2