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Re: [microsound] Intel Mac laptops

This problem occurred on the initial batch and has been fixed. Apple are
also replacing the boards in problematic ones.

I'm typing on one that was purchased in March and it's been great. Fast &
reliable so far.

As was correctly identified, the PowerPC software has to be updated to run
on the Intel chips. Although Apple have implemented Rosetta as a stop-gap
for general use (Internet browsers, Office etc), they won't run Pro-Tools
yet. Digidesign are saying they will have a free update ready by May.

Likewise, Adobe and Microsoft are updating but they are sticking to their
normal product cycles (Adobe in Q4 this year, Microsoft are not committed
but the current estimates next year).

The DRM chip is an old story - check here for more info:


If you need to upgrade or change to a laptop desperately (as I did) it is a
good move. Otherwise, for music software/pro applications wait until the
second half of the year. The picture will be more complete by then.


On 10/4/06 9:03 AM, "vadim" <autopilote@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> if it hasnt been mentioned here already, apparently a number of people
> are reporting some sort of unusual noise coming from the laptop, which
> could be a problem if you need a silent machine for your studio or
> something related...
> http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=374397&tstart=0
> plenty of other threads and links on this issue elsewhere. i havent
> had any first hand experience with this though...

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