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Re: [microsound] mole wants rock

the university of york music technology group do quite a bit on
technology for disabled musicians. theres some links here if you
scroll down a bit: http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/mustech/flinks_2.html

On 4/8/06, Xylor King <starnosed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi kids,
>   any recommendations on good pitch-to-midi conversion And computer
> aided composition?
> I lost my body in a terrible neurological accident and now I consist
> of nothing more than a head, mounted on a tripod.
>   having only a head, it's somewhat difficult to rock out - it's a
> tragedy.  Any thoughts?
>   stop laughing dammit - I'm quite serious.
> Mystr S. Mole on the Xylor King Node of the GaraJ Mahal Delving Net
> this e-mail was typed using voice recognition

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