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Re: [microsound] arizona electronic music?

not familiar w/c/a/t, but hey, it works, more power to 'em. arizona can use all the scene it can get.

- darren b

I don't live there, but if C/A/T live @ Sadisco can get well over a hundred people, I think that means there's an electronic music scene in Arizona.
Or are you omitting the non-mainstream forms?

~ !J!

i lived in arizona (mostly in & around phoenix, a year in tucson) for about 13 years (1986-1999), and can vouch that for the most part there is *no* electronic 'scene' of any validity there - never has been. whatever retail element existed is about washed up from what i've been told (zia records has become worthless, so has tower; there's still stinkweeds but they don't truck in much of anything electronic).

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