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[Microsound-announce] BiP_HOp Generation ::: May 2006 Playlist

BiP_HOp Generation on Radio Grenouille  //  88.8 FM
Wednesday evenings  : 19:10 - 20:30 PM  //  Marseille  //  France

May 2006 Playlist

 ARTIST      ALBUM     label

Hanne Hukkelberg : break my body (Leaf)
Guapo : black oni (Ipecac)
Triosk : the headlight serenade (Leaf)
Leo Abrahams : honeytrap (Just Music)
Bästard : yet, reloaded... (Ici d'Ailleurs)
1 Kilo Of Black Bondage : fear the windows (Wallace)
Taylor Deupree + Eisi : every still day (Noble/Creative)
Sci-Fi Industries : the air cutter (Thisco)
DJ/Rupture : low income tomorrowland (Tax)
Aethenor : deep ocean sunk the lamp of light (VHF)
Tunng : comments of the inner chorus (Talitres)
Spade & Archer : highway to jail (0101)
Filastine : burn it (Soot)
The DFA Remixes chapter 1 (DFA)
Vitamins For You : the legend of bird's hill (Intr:Version)
Brain Damage : spoken dub manifesto (Jarring Effects)
Freiband : flying (Scarcelight)
Spies under Von Magnet influence : shape your shade (Thisco)
Doormouse : xylophonejism (Cock Rock Disco)
The Knife : silent shout (V2)
Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz : osaka bridge (Karaoke Kalk)
I'm Not A Gun : we think as instruments (City Centre Offices)
Slepcy : we are the newest battle models (Cock Rock Disco)
I Like Trains : progress reform (Talitres)
Natsume : marakesi no hana (Noble/Creative)
You & the Atom Bomb : shake shake hello?! (Sink and Stove)
Inch-Time : as the moon draws water (Static Caravan)
Erik Amlee : sitar vol.2 (Mandragora)
Galaktlan : constance (Kohvi)
Galaktlan : laanetaguse suivi (Kohvi)
Black Forest/Black Sea : s/t (Asphalt Duchess)
Violet : the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming on violet street (Scarcelight)
VA. tryptaphonic mind explosion (Mandragora)
VA. plit Matthew Rozeik / Ylid (Static Caravan)
KK Null : kosmo incognita (Thisco)
Evol. : punani shell (Scarcelight)
Daniel Meteo : peruments (Shitkatapult)
R. Sundin : the amateur hermetic (Komplott)
Pupkulies & Rebecca : the way we (Normoton)

Philippe Petit
B. P   80064
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