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Re: [microsound] Math Professors Solve 'Cocktail Party' Problem

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006, \js wrote:
> great- those idiots aren't happy enough turning the middle east into
> an orgy of bloodletting, now they want to sift through conversations
> in public places to put people who might mention islam into our
> already overpopulated prisons.

It's a number of developments in applied maths fields that are frightening 
in certain hands - by following the money, they can be assumed to be in 
those hands with, with widespread use appearing only too soon.

It's remarkable that developments are not occuring apace that would allow 
the individual to be less in danger of persecution. 

Here, microsound and these maths intersect. Even if there's no way found 
in defense of these intelligence gathering measures, there's certainly 
opportunity for artistic application. The forthcoming papers will be great 
reading, certainly.

Dear Patron Saint,
your lips are lopsided

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