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Re: [microsound] iannix software?

Hi there

I have been a lurker on this list for quite a while, and now i have at last the opportunity to post some (hopefully) useful information.

I have been an intern at la-kitchen.fr for two months now, and I am working with Pierre Jullian de La Fuente on the new version of IanniX; a webpage dedicated to this project has been recently opened on sourceforge, http://sourceforge.net/projects/iannix, along with a new mailing-list in english.

Basically IanniX is based on the Upic from Iannis Xenakis - hence the name -, the main difference being that the synthesis part has been removed from the software. IanniX sends instead OSC messages and so can be used as a graphical score editor along with pd, Max-msp, SC, Csound and other softwares that support OSC. So it allows graphical and easy control over software synthesis and composition, without the constraint of being bounded to an internal set of sound generators.

The current version on the cvs is still a bit buggy but has nevertheless improved a lot since the 0.54 one; amidst others, some of the improvments are:

- portage to qt4 (however, for the time being you do need to install qt4 libs first; the needed libraries will soon be embedded within IanniX, though)
- a (very) more user-friendly interface
- lots of new functionalities to edit objects, mainly the curves.

Though I am not the best person to give you an objective advice, I think it is a very powerful tool, and is going to be even better in some time. And if some microsounders could be so kind as to try and test it, and to report us bugs we could have overseen, or ask for features they think useful, it would be really great.


Rod Stasick <rod@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
On 2006 Aug 24, at 3:58 PM, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Just play around with the URLs around
> http://www.la-kitchen.fr/iannix/iannix.html, try to figure out what
> could be the reason why the download links they provide to for example
> http://www.la-kitchen.fr/IanniXDev054.zip don't work, and sooner or
> later you may guess, that they meant to point their links for example
> to http://www.la-kitchen.fr/iannix/IanniXDev054.zip instead.

Frank! Can I now call you "The Handyman"?



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