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[microsound] ...the seattle improv scene

I was reading a notice for upcoming events and in trying to find more text regarding one of the performers ran across a review by Christopher Delaurenti of the group Na.

"Na, the trio of Noriaki Watanabe, Shinsuke Yamada, and Kazz Nomura, who sometimes wear robes or homemade hats. You may have picked up one of their free CD-Rs at Wall of Sound or Everyday Music. "We have made 1460 Copies since June.15. 2004, received 2 E-mails, and earned $0." declares the tattered insert of the na#7 Live!!!! CD-R."

 (From October 2004.)

I was intrigued since I have a c.d. titled 'Shinsuke #2' given to me by a friend of mine who, although he was one of the persons making the sound , the last time I spoke with him didn't consider himself a musician. Not being a musician in seattle carries certain privileges and for that reason I won't drag his good name in the dirt just to appear that I have something to say.

The c.d. is very good , leaves me clear-headed serene and inspired , though for no obvious reason. It's likely that Shinsuke Yamada had nothing to do with it, though it's possible that he contributed. It's also possible that the c.d. case was made by him and later used to house another recording. The last track is a very brief sound of a few milliseconds which loops spontaneously and changes , keeps changing indefinitely . I don't know if it behaves the same way on everybody's player. Questions about the technical aspect didn't bring me any new knowledge.

Anyway, if you're in the Seattle or Portland area this weekend you might be interested in the No West Festival of Improvised Music.
see: http://www.makejetsilent.com/nowest/


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