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Re: [microsound] thom yorke's eraser

haven't really given it a good chance yet...  so chances are i'll
totally change my mind. i do that a lot. which is why i could never
write reviews.

had a bootleg way before it came out and i never listened to it
properly. then i bought the real deal when it came out and still
haven't had the motivation to really give it a good listen.  i saw
radiohead in toronto and was bored to death.  they sounded like a
really good radiohead cover band. every note in the right place. i
just kind of ODed on the whole thing. like when i stopped listening
to björk. it was like: enough already. we get it.  sincerity refined
to a science.

from my initial impression, the sound design and beats on eraser are
nothing groundbreaking.  if anything, a bit dated, drained of emotion
and energy. but i suppose, just like kid A and whatnot, it'll seem
more progressive to those outside electronic music, which isn't
entirely a bad thing. in the long run, that is.

what i really liked, though, is johnny greenwood's 'bodysong'
soundtrack. that's pretty damn cool. check that out.


On 13-Aug-06, at 5:21 PM, devslashnull wrote:

i am just wondering what folks think of it.

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