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Re: [microsound] Linux DAW

I think (if I'm correct) that the list is supposed to shy away from
particular software-based discussions, so I'm not sure if this borders
on the edge, but I will say that there's a direct connection between
everything we all argued about politically a couple weeks ago and free
software with its relationship to art, sound, and politics.  I think
everyone can agree with that, no matter what kind of software you're

[distro: Ubuntu (powerpc)
apps: Pd; I should be up and running with Ardour soon when I feel like
taking the time to configure jack.]

On 8/5/06, Renato Fabbri <renatoftato@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I read some topics and got curious about how manny linux DAW users are here,
I cant tell how popular it is becoming in sound art production, so here we

It will be cool to list some of the apps you use mostly, and the distro.


distro: Linics (ubuntu based)

apps mostly used: PD, ardour, audacity, jack, jack-rack, xmms


"[D]aily life [is] a theatrical landscape in which 'everyone has their
price,' God (via televangelism) and happiness (smile buttons) become
commodities, radio stations say they love you, and detergents have
compassion for your hands.

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