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[microsound] Level Compression Recovery


There is a piano concert recorded with a sony camera, CCD-TR317, and I am
interested just in recovering the original level range (or something near
it) and expression, but the audio file is very very compressed, and using
expansors (like waves reinassence) is not bringing me any good advances.

Another thing. It is a mono sound file. I´ve read about some ways of getting
a stereo sound file from a mono one, but has never done it. Can anyone point
a good method?

I run Windows and Linux, both with manny of the most used programs, cubase,
ardour, sound forge, PD, various pluigins etc.

btw, I uploaded 2m of Liszt´s piano sonata in Bm, played on the concert we
are talking about for anyone interested. It is in 44.1KHz, 16bit, about


all the best to everyone