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Re: [microsound] noise-enzima


Architect... honestly. It conjures up an image of someone wearing a cardboard shirt who actually knows how to use a mechanical pencil( I always seem to get the graphite too far out and can't get it back in the barrel with destroying something). Academic? That's probably someone who bluffed their way through college and now sits around wearing odd coloured turtlenecks and giggles over kiwi fruit, occasionally the eyes glaze over and wistful thoughts about why their isn't any funding for the arts.

Ok. I have it all figured out. The answer lies more in the realm of urban planning than being an architect ( Do you play' So long, Frank Lloyd Wright' on an 8 track cartridge loop in the backgound?" Get a cinder in your eye...." Yeah , dude then people start using you for an ashtray.).

The ground floor of our new quiet building houses one or all three of the following: An anechoic chamber , a recording studio and archival storage facility(more about that later) and a homeforunwedmothers/maternity ward/daycare center.I say go for all three, with the anechoic chamber at the front entrance and the maternity ward spread out with many access portals , that way people with sleeping infants could dash about telling, or rather reminding people to be quiet.

There might be a slight difficulty in convincing the clients (polite term) to jettison what ever business ideas they had in mind and change their focus to archival storage; yet once they get the idea of owning everything and everyone inside their heads it will make more sense. You see, people come to store their tapes for a reasonable fee. The building is ultra secure. There is an underground rail system , the tunnel also houses electrical lines.

Outside the building is a long term plan of permanent disarray. Homeless people are allowed to camp in tents. Trees are encouraged to grow long and wild , thereby toppling and damaging the conventional shallow underground powerlines. The building could be designed as a sort of windtrap , actually encouraging destruction during a storm. The idea is also to block off roads , get rid of the audible signs of other people's progress: jackhammers , cranes, backhoes etc. There could be street fairs on the weekend as long as nobody played any music. They could bring tapes for storage instead.

It's a great place to socialize.

What I want to know: What are you going to think about once it's quiet?


p.s. I thought it was noise-excema; sounded horrible.

Dec 29, 2006, at 7:44 AM, Derek Mason wrote:

My day job is an architect and if you can create a better solution to the white noise for an office environment, you will have a great deal of people interested.



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hi, for my thesis project I'm developing a software performing realtime nonlinear composition based on environmental_sound_analysis, to reduce the "psycological" (...) impact of noise on people living in acoustically-polluted zones. Keywords: + profound ecology + functional use of musical art + acoustic landscape modelling + urban noise impact abatement + environmental sensor systems - immersive acoustic environments

Can anyone point me in the direction of already existing similar
Any help is greatly appreciated,
have bright days,


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