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[microsound] Re: an interesting monolake answer

> I realized what bothered me about this whole line of argument: It's
> the assumption that the visual and audio are opposed. In reality, in a
> good musician the two things are complementary.

Does this mean blind musicians can't be good?

Some of the lines of
> argument people take seem to create a false dualism, where I don't
> think there's any real opposition.

I'm not claiming they're opposed, I'm reporting that in my experience they
are different, and not necessarily cross-reliant. Obviously the two modes
can be complementary. Anyone experienced with european music notation or
computer software GUIs is heavily conditioned by systems that completely
fuse auditory and visual cognitive modes, creating synergies that would be
difficult to achieve relying on a single mode. But some people can also hear
and create music without seeing visuals, myself included.