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Re: [microsound] an interesting monolake answer

On 12/18/06, David Powers <cyborgk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Maybe this explains why Ableton's interface seems visually so lacking
> to me. Okay, it's great for doing live DJing as it was originally
> intended, but every time I go to write some kind of piece with it and
> use it more like a traditional sequencer, the interface drives me
> absolutely insane. I just can't get a good workflow going in it...
That's funny, because I find that I am so addicted to Ableton Live because
it has the most elegant interface that I've ever used.  I feel like I'm on
Star Trek: The Next Generation when I use it.  All that's lacking is a
multi-touch screen (pleeeease Apple!)

But I do agree that it's nice to listen to music w/out visual aid.  I read
an Autechre interview where they discuss similar things as well.  I think
that the visual aspect is great for editing, but not producing.  I hardly
even look at the screen when I'm generating content, rather when I'm editing