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Re: [microsound] article on music and politics

on 12/8/06 4:18 AM, Paulo Mouat at paulo.mouat@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> It is unfortunate that the article has some blatant inaccuracies,
> perhaps in the name of accessibility and generality. The conflation of
> Boulez, Stockhausen and Nono is typical of a "transatlantic outsider",
> especially when their music is characterized as gratuitously dense,
> opaque and (to commit the ultimate capital sin) serial. "Invites
> explanation"? Does everything need to be explained? Just listen and
> let it move you--but you have to leave your baggage at the door.

There are many degrees of the political expressed in art
-even those that they are not engaged in an explicit conscious manner
can articulate political attitudes/stances.

Taking the notes of a CD as a matter of fact in order to draw
conclusions and to think about the music it can't generate any
fruitful experiences and ideas.
It seems that Mr Kyle Gann hasn't bothered to look after what Luigi Nono
has said about his work or what his close collaborators have said about him
and his works.
It is all about human dignity (his early and later work) and the dramaturgy
of sound. Within an artist's vision such as Luigi Nono's the political is so
articulated that cannot be expressed like a slogan/message to pass it
through...which relate with the cathartic effect that any strong artistic
utterance possesses in my view.

> I would have expected more from Kyle Gann, but then he has that
> insurmountable handicap: He's american and unfortunately no Elliot
> Carter.


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