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Re: [microsound] artificats?

This whole argument sounds like it is from the late 1800's when there was the introduction to recordings.  

Is it live or memorex?

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> Subject: Re: [microsound] artificats?
> Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 13:11:32 -0700
> > A compact disc containing a recording of a piano concerto is not 
> > a piano concerto. Is the piano concerto the cultural artifact? 
> > the CD? both? As cultural practitioners, which one do we care 
> > about more? I'd argue that the CD is a function of the particular 
> > material emphasis of our current times, and that we care much 
> > more about the piano concerto itself than about the shiny plastic 
> > disc.
> A map is not the territory -- the CD re-creation of the concerto is 
> NOT the Concerto.  It is a re-creation, a re-production, a 
> re-ductive simulation of living, present interaction -- as a social 
> system, we evolve more and more towards systems of interaction 
> which are becoming more mediated and more dependent on complex 
> social systems (recording, distribution systems, for example, and 
> their attendant political/economic drivers) through which to 
> interact.  Extrapolating this technological/social development 
> further alienates the individual from his/her immediate 
> surroundings and especially from the individuals who are 
> immediately around...
> that's why I suggested the idea of live performance -- suggesting 
> for those of you who are feeling put-down by the system of 
> (expensive) recording and distribution -- to look to your immediate 
> surroundings for possibilities of using your art to exchange 
> creative energies locally...  just a thought...
> it does so happen, that in the age of heavy mediation, perversely, 
> your immediate surrounding does include this list...  but isn't a 
> conversation about sonic art much better over a beer f2f?  just 
> like having a laptopper demo/discuss/trouble-shoot his/her work 
> for/with you f2f...
> That materialization of individual human life is exactly what Marx 
> was talking about -- he predicted the alienation increasing as 
> technological society continued to evolve...
> cheers
> John

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