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Re: [microsound] the culture industry

Kim Cascone wrote:

q1: has the steady stream of swill coming from the 'culture industry' given people the impression that music is disposable and hence not worth paying for?

Perhaps. Invert the importance of money, though. I don't think people have the impression that music is disposable (except for music designed to be disposable), but 'not worth paying for' implies that to pay for something is the basic determinant of value, upon which other kinds of value can be built.

Money has become so much more imaginary in a digital world (especially where the population is largely ignorant of how the underlying electronic mechanisms works) that it doesn't surprise me that music, even more esoteric than money, is the first to show the strain.

q2: is filesharing a _symptom_ of the devaluation of cultural artifacts or simply a problem in itself?

Filesharing is a symptom of the weakening of the psychological mechanisms necessary to make culture a product you have to pay money for. I'm not sure such a thing as a 'cultural artificat' as something that you pay money for just because it's culture has any meaning outside of the performance arena.

In the language of capitalism, culture is a service, not a product. The last hundred years blip of culture as recorded medium is a blip, and will end soon.

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