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Re: [microsound] the culture industry

>q1: has the steady stream of swill coming from the 'culture industry'
>given people the impression that music is disposable and hence not
>worth paying for?

maybe overproduction is another reason, and internet too ;-)

when i was a boy in the '80 information about experimental music was scarce and difficult to find out, you had to hunt it down on paper fanzines like vital, nd or est... sometimes it was even difficult to know about new releases by your favorite artists. i often bought LPs making my choice based on reviews, or word of mouth, and surely i got some awful releases now and then, but everytime i had the surprise to listen to something new, unexpected. holding in my hands a new vinyl was a joy....

nowadays we are bombarded with tons of newsletters, hundreds of labels and releases every month... i simply feel that the pleasure of listening to something new is not here anymore, this is the era of the real-audio/mp3 preview.



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