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[microsound] pirat spinat - typo fix

(i don't know if i can say that here, but kim cascone's work with Merzbow is
one of the greatest music i ever heard, BUT i don't have the money to buy
cd, because i have my work as musician and image maker, and that costs me a

since I was paid 'in product' for that particular release and sell my copies while on tour I *personally* don't lose any money from people filesharing...that is not an invitation to rip and share since the record label and distributors are the ones who lose in that case

that being said though
I don't know if the label has gone into a second or third or 'n' pressing of that release
I have not been given product as payment for any subsequent pressings - if any
also, I don't know if Masami has been paid for any subsequent pressings - if any...but I doubt it

in this case we have a label who is not sending me any info regarding sales of the CD since I've been 'paid in full' for my work
i.e., our contract is fulfilled and they no longer have any obligation to me as an artist

so I can't see any reason - at this point - for people NOT to share this release *if they can't afford to buy it*

I might feel differently IF the label were sending me sales reports and/or extra product as payment for extra pressings of the CD but...

the sad fact is (and I know this from having run Silent Records for 10 years) many indie labels struggle to stay in business and do so on the backs of the artist by not paying them

and up the food chain the labels are further squeezed by distributors who are ALWAYS late (very very very late) in paying the labels for their product

so the whole system of moving widgets is broken and decayed (has been for years now) unless people making and selling the product are doing it as a hobby and have the luxury of not having to worry about drawing an income from this...

the two main reasons I sold my company in 1996:
- I saw the writing on the wall w/r/t the Internet
- we managed to get massively screwed by our main distributor
	(they essentially bankrupted us)

since then I have released CD's on various other labels but *I do not make a living* from doing this...
I usually get paid in 'n' number of copies and then rarely hear from the label again

I then sell those copies for retail while I am on the road...
this makes me enough extra pocket money to fund the logistics of being on the road (food, metro tickets, books, etc)

so the whole pirating discussion is really a non-issue for most of us in the trenches

since the concept of a clean unobstructed flow of money from consumer- >shop->distributor->label is a myth

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