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Re: [microsound] torrents

I think movies are a different beast here,  you can rent movies you can't
music albums, because the RIAA put an end to that.
Why? a copy of a rented movie isn't a big deal, as must only watch it once,
maybe twice, so no sale there. That's most and many still only buy movies
they love. Music is different, you may listen 10-1000+ times.
Anyway, my argument supports the MPAA mostly so i'll stop there as i would
go out of my way to give them a dime.

Regardless, for music, i like the sharing, if you like it BUY IT, if you
don't or can't at least it may get passed on (shared) with someone who will.
Or one day you will, or buy the artist's next release.
Sharing is paid for corporations because they focus on the pop single and
and the rest of the album is filler. And if you can download that, they are
fucked, because 3 months later there will be another "hit"
Or if you can DL the whole album it will be exposed how much it sucks.
Bottom-line: if you have a strong enough product, let your customers preview
it first and share that! that's the best advertising you'll ever get.
90% of the music i've bought was based on a tape or mp3 i was given or

On 12/1/06 11:15 AM, "Kim Cascone" <kim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> here's a suggestion:
> - search for torrents of things you want to listen to/watch
> - DL them via a torrent client
> - listen to/watch them
> - if you like a release/movie then buy it used
> - if you don't like release/movie delete it from your hard drive
> which raises a question:
> how do people who are against filesharing feel about buying used CD's
> - since the artist makes no money on that sale?
> not trying to add fuel to the flamewar, just curious

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