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Re: [microsound] torrents

Well Well!!! As an artist, i always feel free to copy, download, etc,
because anyone can do the same with my work! Art is sharing a point of view,
an aesthetic experience, far away from money or fame...
(i don't know if i can say that here, but kim cascone's work with Merzbow is
one of the greatest music i ever heard, BUT i don't have the money to buy
cd, because i have my work as musician and image maker, and that costs me a
lot!!! : So what can i do, just listen once, and erase it after? And can i
share my copy with anyone else, or not? I'm not a pirat, i'm an art lover
without money...
That's my point of view...

2006/12/1, Kim Cascone <kim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> here's a suggestion:
> - search for torrents of things you want to listen to/watch
> - DL them via a torrent client
> - listen to/watch them
> - if you like a release/movie then buy it used
> - if you don't like release/movie delete it from your hard drive
> which raises a question:
> how do people who are against filesharing feel about buying used CD's
> - since the artist makes no money on that sale?
> not trying to add fuel to the flamewar, just curious
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