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Re: [microsound] iConsume [reflux]

Gee is it any wonder that half the equipment I buy now was released an
average of 5 years or more prior.

I recently had to replace my 6 year old Nokia after I threw on the
ground one too many times and instead of opting for a new phone that
would have way more features, cost more and break much quicker I got
the nokia that was closest to the one I had. 

Actually I had been meaning to buy a used nokia like the one I had
because I had allready spare parted out another like it my girlfriend
had owned but since I was suddenly SOL with no phone I had to go to the
store to replace it the same day. But I liked the old one better..
maybe I will still buy a old used one.

Anyway planned obsolescence sucks we live in a disposable culture.
Gizmodo heralds it's regress.

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> http://tinyurl.com/ytj4vk

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