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Re: [microsound] iConsume [redux]


I rarely ever comment about this stuf.. but I
actually laughed out loud reading this.

I have never bought new products (except for a
bed, and toys when I was a child - that goes
without saying if you ask me...).. especially not
new software, or electronics.

Seems like those that do this are just trying to
find any loose-excuse to make their annoying
pleas at how they are so ahead of everyone
musically or artistically. Maybe I'm just getting
older, but i still prefer people who scrape forks
across the ceiling and then add a bit of reverb &
maybe a high-pass EQ to make it twinkle all
Bernhard Gunter-"monochrome..blah blah
blah"-like. Things like this, and the additudes
tend to stand the test of time better then the
"NEWEST SOUND POSSIBLE".  ..wow that sounds
crass.. but i really don't mean it that way.

I justly find it very funny that the cyclic
effects of human consumer culture are/is still
being ignored when it comes to entertainment &
the arts when we desire to be purchase/get
"things". But where would we be without our
popularity contests... prolly like many of us and
barely selling-out our releases in a year. ;)

The field of Mathematics is the same way. Look
into the word of physics from time to time and
you'll see the same silliness. Yet, personally I
think the world of graphic design is quite
ridiculous when it comes to software trends. That
whole industry never can seem to make up it's
mind ever.

Anyway. I never post anything, so i figured
whatever. All in good fun.

later all.

Cordell / DOCTSECT / GRACIOUS Design
::comming soon:: www.gracious.com

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