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[microsound] Clickanywhere new online exhibition

6-8pm, 21 February 2007
Research Gallery, 12th Floor, Tower Block, London College of  
Communication, Elephant and Castle, London, SE1 6SB

An online gallery dedicated to the sonic arts will be launch on  
Wednesday 21st February 2007 at an exhibition entitled  
Clickanywhere.  The exhibition will bring together work from ten  
diverse artists to produce a series of sonic experiences.  The  
exhibition includes work by Vicki Bennett, Richard Brautigan, Clare  
Gasson, Jörg Köppl, Johannes Maier, David Mollin, Douglas Park, Seth  
Price, Alex Smalley and Rob Stone.

Clickanywhere is the first of a series of online, curated exhibitions  
to be commissioned by CRiSAP.  The exhibition will be available  
online after the launch.

For more information please go to http://www.crisap.org/newsite/ 
index.php?events or contact Nadine on N.Ishani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or on  
020 7514 6617.

CRiSAP is a research unit dedicated to the exploration of the rich  
complexities of sound as an artistic practice.  CRiSAP aims to  
produce, commission and curate new work and invigorate the  
interpretative context that surrounds sound art and performance.