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[microsound] Disjunct video paintings

"Impartial Analysis":

Disjunct presents eight videos, twelve audio tracks, and forty combinations thereof: wander through video paintings adjusted and confronted by the imposition of sounds consciously altering the meaning to be gleaned from these luscious loops. Each audio track is identified by a prefix or suffix, left or right audio, while each video is identified by a root. Each of thirty-two words presents a distinct eye on subtle shifts created through association. Perfect for studied contemplation or the transformation of a dull unused televison or monitor into a dynamic painting, Disjunct presents a transcendent and transitory object to transform your world.

These paintings involve a variety of techniques, while both the video and audio content are approached from oppositional means: half via glitching electronics, and the other half via 'glitching' the material world. Intending to access the possibility of painting in moving form, these revolving pieces are intended for the discretion of an active viewer, as opposed to the passive (yet captive) viewing experience of the cinema.



Sorry if this is OT, but I thought perhaps this would be a group that might appreciate the work.

-Ryan Dunn

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