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Re: [microsound] Call for Work: Queer Experimental Sound

On 5/9/07, ph <ph@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 5/8/07 8:04 PM, "Casey Schenkofsky" <caseyschenkofsky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I think this is becoming more and more ridiculous.
you think?
> 1. Do you know how ridiculous it is to have a problem with a call for
> works focusing on a marginalized group when there is no point at all,

this is just getting ridiculous, did i say i had a problem with that?

In your first post you specifically stated that there was some form of
discrimination taking place in the call for works, and there isn't.
> no point at all where you (presumably coming from a primarily
> mainstream demographic) are excluded? Where is the call for exclusion?
please, define "mainstream" in the context of experimental.

If I try to define that in terms of sexual activity, which is what
seems to be relevant here, I think my post will get held up in some
sort of filter and get "censored." How about this: I would call a
queer John Cage keeping his queer identity under wraps "mainstream,"
same thing with Sun Ra, perhaps. Experimental can be anything you want
it to be as far as I'm concerned.
> 2. Have you taken the time to actually do some research on the
> organization that runs the festival?
I stated i did not, surely you are literate.
That is the sad part in all of this.

>It's a non profit/501c3. They
> have a mission, and it does not involve stopping you to submit your
> art or whatever to them, for you to make donation, or to attend their
> events. Discrimination is not part of their mission.
what is this mission? the finest art of the land? what is this mission?
sorry, seriously, tell us about the mission, as I stated it sounded actually
good before. I just hate speaking about something i don't know about, but
really is this a mission for art's sake? or for individual's sake?
Then do some research before you start posting! I think there is
plenty of info at these links. It might help clarify the
organization's mission.

> 3. And now you are posting rap lyrics about the history of a racial
> slur?!?
yes, that was in response to Xdugef's post. The Coup is a fav so that song
came to mind.
>Are you planning to get angry about race and rap and then
> post some Klaus Nomi lyrics to clarify things?

hmm...thanks, I think i have everything by Nomi already- a fuckin' genius!
I'm glad that you don't have to explain your logic to him.
> 4. Would you reject the work of an artist because they exhibit "queer"
> tendencies?
nope! i love Coil, Fassbinder, Burroughs, Ginsberg... as I stated, I don't
care. It only becomes shallow when you identify only with that and use that
as a crutch. And that goes every way.
Again, it just doesn't add up. You're comparing artists who you love
with an organization whose call apparently bugs you, and that you'd
rather not learn more about on your own even as you continue to post
and react to people's frustrations with your initial post.

>or any tendency, for that matter, that did not conform to
> your personal sense of what constitutes identity? What if you can't
> choose your identity or what makes it up? Then what? Are these
> questions that you have ever thought about?
as i stated, it was my opinion. nothing more, I usually don't enjoy
gay-centric art, OFTEN(not always or with all works) the art suffers or does
not connect with a non gay, and the later, i doubt the artist would say that
was a problem.
If I used this sort of criteria, I would never be able to enjoy any art.
> Are you prepared to discard whole histories of music because they were
> developed in a crucible of Gay culture?
? as i stated, why would i care? and why would they're sexual preference
matter or be of concern to the listener unless that was the artist's intent.
My point, again, was why is this needed since so many artists in this field
are gay? did you read?
Well, I guess its kind of like playing the Blues and having ambivalent
feelings about the makers of the Blues, or not really caring where
they came from. And I guess that isn't a very unusual or exceptional
>Are you prepared to forsake
> all popular electronic music from the late sixties onwards? If not,
> please think about your position, especially the gender
> preference=identity is sad part.
why? i hate jocks and frat boys with swimsuit models on cars on their walls
that are so shallow they only think with their dick, reverse that, same
males different preference. no difference.
I don't think this sort of additive logic clarifies things. You hate
people with things. Things and people. O.K., but why make it a cause
>Regardless of whether or not it is
> bigoted, it simply doesn't make any sense.
my position is and was I DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT WHO YOU FUCK!
I will not bias it one way or the other, but if i don't like it, well i
don't, why are you trying to please me so HARD? what is with this
segregation you preach?
I have no idea of what you are talking about here. I appreciated your
initial attempt to clarify your position, or post, but honestly, if
you would just go back to the initial call... You, yes you too (!) can
submit work to the MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, excess
baggage and all. I dare you to.

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