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[microsound] REAKTOR musical interfaces PDF download

(i got his off the reaktor user library from the official NI site -  
it's for REAKTOR users only, but i thought i'd share. click on the  
tiny URL to download the PDF file, complete w/ explanations and  



Suppported by know-how from Native Instruments, students from FH
Potsdam (technical college) developed musical interfaces to work with
NI sound synthesis software. Professors Boris Müller and Reto Wettach
hosted the class in their "Interface Design" study course, with guest
lecturers from Native Instruments and inspiration from varsity REAKTOR
artists such as Tim Exile. Altogether, ten projects were built by  
groups and could be experienced on Native Instruments' premises at the
presentation on February 8th, 2007.

Link: http://incom.org/code/workspaces/workspace_ anzeigen.php?