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[microsound] mp3 of interesting discussion


if you have a couple of hours to spend listening to this or can put  
it on your iPod and listen to it during your commute it is worth  
checking out


> Late last year, Marcos Fernandes sent Soundtransit.nl a recording  
> of the Phonography Panel which took place during the Edgetone Music  
> Summit at 21 Grand, Oakland CA USA on July 29, 2006. Participating  
> were Glenn Bach, Marcos Fernandes and Aaron Ximm, who discussed  
> various issues around the topic of field recording, phonography,  
> art vs science, meditation, mediation, copyright of field  
> recordings, internet distribution and more.
> We present the panel in its entirety here. You should be able to  
> listen while it downloads on a normal internet connection.