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Re: [microsound] microsleepmusic

I listened to Tod Dockstader's Aerial 2 on headphones while settling into
sleep last night. Don't remember an awful lot about it. But I did wake up 3
quarters the way through it to turn it off.

Is this a ringing endorsement for listening to TD's music as a means of
falling asleep ? I'll let the individual listener decide, but I'll never
forget experiencing ?something odd? while falling asleep as I listened to
the first part of Dockstaders Aerial trilogy, Aerial 1, some while back.

I have since been warned off playing Dockstader, or any more of "that
scarey music" by my partner (thence the 'phones).

Some less fright inducing favourites for falling asleep to include Bernard
Gunthers' Time, Dreaming Itself, Akira Rabelais' Spellewaurneysherde or
anything by Stars of The Lid.

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I always have music playing when I fall asleep (usually Dronezone or
a nice ambient playlist), but I prefer my Dali installation..

Kind regards,

Arjen Schat.

Op 25-jun-2007, om 20:37 heeft Kim Cascone het volgende geschreven:

> http://freshome.com/2007/04/03/7-hi-tech-sound-pillows-for-your-ipod/
> what music would microsounders play while falling to sleep?