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[microsound] NEW 1000FUSSLER RELEASE

hello microsound list

maybe this is for your interest:

new release on 1000füssler !!!!

Nicolai Stephan, Asmus Tietchens, Stefan Funck, Gregory Büttner

‘Heizung Raum 318‘

CD, (54:24 min), Limited Edition of 300 Copies

© 2007 / 1000füssler 008

The four musicians have been meeting weekly in room 318 for years, but only now did they create music using the acoustics of the room. To be more precise, using one element in the room: the heating. The heating has two problems: first, it doesn‘t heat. Second, it whistles. Problem one is unnerving, especially during the winter. Problem two can be used aesthetically: by turning the radiator knobs, not only can the pitch of the whistling be varied, by using several radiators a multitude of sounds and noises can be created. To add to that, the three radiators used influence one another so that the musicians can provoke aimed acoustic situations. The three radiators were played simultaneously and recorded using a room microphone to create the material for the seven tracks. The unedited version can be heard on track eight.


Stefan Funck         version paris-dakar     6‘26
Stefan Funck         version hare               6‘37
Gregory Büttner     heiz                         14‘23
Asmus Tietchens    keine Wärme            10‘04
Nicolai Stephan      ziehung                     5‘07
Stefan Funck         version vier häuser     6‘20
Stefan Funck         version almöhi            0‘22
sourcematerial /    ausgangsmaterial        5‘05

You can listen to a mix of some tracks on http://www.myspace.com/1000fussler

the 1000fuessler says thanks for your advertency.