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Re: [microsound] Live chopping and looping question


I've never heard of a vst that actually records but what you are describing is possible.

Step 1. Chop up your 1-4 bar loop into little bits using something like logiz, nuend, ableton, pro tools, anything can do this...in ableton live this is quite easy.

Step2. seperate your loops into seperate channels or rows...

Step3 assign each to a midi key...you can assign each cut to either play or loop until it's changed...

step 4. hit record...you're set...

look on you tube... I know there are at least 2-3 videos(in german or english) which describe what you want to do using ableton live.

Maybe I should have asked before but...what are you using to make music?

Hope it helps, if not, I'm sure with further clarification we can come up with a solution for you...

As for VSTs...there are a few popular vst's like livecut and suppatrigga which mash up loops in weird ways but it's merely manypulating what is fed into it and does not record the output or slice it...

There's also Rd. ReX and Recycle which will help you achieve what you want as well quite easily...

Good luck!


On 5-Sep-07, at 7:55 AM, ? ? wrote:

Is there a VST or a combination of VSTs, etc. that'll allow me to record perhaps 1-4 bars of audio, chop it up into pieces, assign each piece to a key on a MIDI keyboard (or even a laptop keyboard) and then loop what I play?
Feel like a local wherever you go.

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