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RE: [microsound] info request for poland events

Hello, everyone 
Hope my query isn't that much off the (same) topic... ;) 
now since its been 3 years after EU assessment, Polish emigration has become a great issue in the European news, others'd say a big issue in suburbs of Old Europe capitals... 
For example, air-commuting: when their job is over in Poland the doctors book cheap flights to get to DUblin, 
to work the night shift abroad. Then, sleep during the flight, to come to work back to Poland in the morning. Also, I remember that in June, Polish Ministry of Work has stated that they're dealing with a great lack of waiters, etc, etc. I heard of a huge issue of Polish waiters taking over the job from Brazilians... 
What about artists? I assume that many users of this list have been to Transmediale, where a satisfying part of the program features artists from (former) EE.Is there a greater exchange between East & West, do the EE artits have a better prospect, choices of work? Etc, etc. Thany for the possible answers to this... 
Sinc3r3ly Y0urs/ srdacn0 va5,

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