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[microsound] Re: microsound Digest 14 Nov 2007 17:27:21 -0000 Issue 1894

please send again

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microsound Digest 14 Nov 2007 17:27:21 -0000 Issue 1894

Topics (messages 42533 through 42534):

Re: Freeware and software for MIDI
	42533 by: john saylor

	42534 by: nicola catalano


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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:41:47 -0500
To: microsound <microsound@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "john saylor" <js0000@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [microsound] Freeware and software for MIDI
Message-ID: <eb84d37a0711120941i56690b50k87a7bff4c9583547@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 11/4/07, Manannan Mac Lir <macdara@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If anybody knows any good software for
experimentin (even better if its free) it'd be great if you could let me

there a ton of stuff out there to use to make and manipulate midi data.

if you're a programmer, there are libraries for many languages.

you can also use synthesis packages like csound, pd, chuck [i think
all support midi]

you can just plug it into a computer and see what the midi support is like.

you can use 'sound fonts' to change the patch numbers.

i'd suggest you spend some time learning about midi generally, then go
from there. this is only one of many possible starting places:

\js  [ http://or8.net/~johns/ ]


Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 10:34:46 +0100
To: microsound <microsound@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: nicola catalano <catsed@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: test
Message-Id: <a06240800c35f201b65a4@[]>

please ignore.


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