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[microsound] some new recordings

list comrades!

clairaudient has been the fortunate beneficiaries of a residency at
experimental sound studio in chicago this fall.
we developed a hybrid electro-acoustic prepared piano.
the whole spurious landscapes project will be available soon, but for the
moment here are a couple of the elements:


note: the conversion to mp3 was kind of ad hoc, so there are a few strange
little hitches in these streams.
they won't be there in the finished presentation(s).

the pieces are quite long (you'll see)....one of the ideas was to generate
sound environments as much as pieces of music in any conventional sense.
all the sound you hear in them is made with a piano.
there are a couple photos of the rig here:


the complete project is more radical than this, but for the time being,
check them out if you like.
feedback is welcome, of course.