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Re: [microsound] wave pad

My friend Gerardo Figueroa said:

  "i have tried it since january 2005, and though it looks very limited, it is extremely user friendly. it is also very enticing to use and attractive to people who don't know a thing about programming, virtual synths, and such. i understand people working in offices are the target group for this...  

i chose it because it's free and because of the reasons mentioned above. 

i strongly recommend it

  PD: two examples "running away from chiste" and "re-gue-té" download from: http://www.zshare.net/audio/42888245e8f344/   

  best, Mika.

Kim Cascone <kim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

it kinda looks like an undeveloped editing tool
has anyone tried this?

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